A Message From Roger

You all should have received notification by now either by email, Facebook or on our website about the August Reunion being cancelled.  Although this wasn’t exactly our decision since the National 4th Infantry Division Association cancelled their reunion it has made it much easier for me to come to same conclusion.  So with much regret, we have decided to cancel our K Company reunion in Colorado Springs as well.  The stars just aren’t going to align for us this year – what a strange year it has been.  I had hoped the  pandemic would be behind us however it looks as if it is not only lingering but could be on the rise.  It looks as if the attendance was going to be low anyway as many of our comrades are continuing to hunker down and not venture to large gatherings, get on airplanes, etc.  I am extremely disappointed at having to miss an opportunity to see my brother LRRPs and your families this year.

My hope is that you all are healthy, safe, somewhat happy and weathering this 2020 phenomenon.  We will keep you posted on any news as we will look toward next years reunion.

Stay Well!