Welcome Home

This website has been created to remember, honor and recognize the efforts of the men of the Vietnam Era 4th Infantry Division Special Ops, including but not limited to LRRP, LRP, Rangers, Recon. It is our sincere determination to recognize every aspect of the Special Ops formed through E/58, Divisional LRRPs, Brigade LRRPs, and K Company 75th Infantry Rangers

Many people have contributed time, money, energy and mementos in order to preserve, perpetuate and remember our mission. We have tried to keep the history of our service and contributions alive. Check back often as new items are continually being added. Please contact us through the email contact for any reason. We hope you will also be a contributor and provide some of your mementos to share.

We sincerely hope this site provides you with the renewed memory, closure, the ability to locate a buddy or for whatever reason you have decided to view this site. Some of us thought of ourselves as ‘rag tag’ back then and maybe we were. Over the years it has become quite clear that we were actually the elite and some of the best the army had. We have become the lineage of the present day 75th Ranger Regiment and deserve to be proud, honored and remembered for the brave tour of duty we performed.

Welcome Home. Thank you for your service. God Bless America!