For A Time We Were Titans – Tom Reed

For A Time We Were Titans - Book Cover


For a Time We Were Titans is the memoir of an LRP/Ranger in Vietnam. It follows ten GIs from their arrival at the LRP compound in Ban Me Thuot in October 1968 to the authors return home in September 1969. It shows that those that last can grow from raw recruits, to Titans, leaders that serve as mentors and role models for those that came after them.
This is the war as a LRP saw it. LRPs were the Long Range Patrol units that served as the eyes and ears of the infantry, who were dropped into enemy territory and given the responsibility of finding the hiding places of an elusive foe. It is not the story of massive battles and strategic operations, but rather depicts actual contacts between four and five man LRP Teams and unknown numbers of North Vietnamese or Vietcong.

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