2015 Reunion Ft. Benning GA

1st Row: Jimmy Joyce, Wayne Mitsch, Ken Nelson, Herb Reichl , Ray Allen, Ray Bailey
2nd Row: Roger Crunk, Lowell Tidline, Tom Sove, Dave Bristol, Les Williams, Kevin O'Brien, Denver Hall, Jim Burke
3rd Row: Bradford Stutz, Edward Mobery, Bob Frazier, Ron Clark, Doug Childers, John DuBois, John Chester, Russel Temple
BG David Grange presents Doug Childers with Osprey LRRP Special Edition CAR-15, S/N 001
Doug Childers - "Present Arms!"
Doug Childers - praying for a winning ticket!
Doug Childers - not so sure about letting John DuBois hold his new little friend
Janet and Dave Bristol
Anne and John DuBois
Carol Foster and Russ Temple
GG Joyce and Kevin O'Brien
Rachel and Bob Foster
Fran and Wayne Mitsch
Sue Williams
Brad Stutz
Sue Williams, Linda Hall
Sue Williams, Jimmy Joyce, Janet Bristol, Linda Hall
Tom Reed
Sue Williams, Carole Foster
Steve, Ken, Ray
Roger Crunk, Tom Sove, John Chester, Rick
Roger Crunk, Willie Williams
Ray Allen
Ray Allen, Dave Bristol
Lowell Tidline, Brad Stutz
John DuBois, Dave Bristol, Ed Mobery
GG and Jim Joyce
GG, Jim and the grandkids
75th Ranger DUI plaque - raffle
Steve Lemire, Ken Nelson, Ray Allen, John DuBois, Russ Temple, Herb Reichl, Wayne Mitsch, Jim Burke
Herb Reichl, Wayne Mitsch, Lowell Tidline
Gary Dolan
Ed Mobery, Lowell Tidline, Doug Childers, Dave Bristol, Brad Stutz
Dave Bristol, Denver Hall