LRRPs In Contact (Romeo 31)

The recording below is rare but raw footage of open mic commo between a LRRP team in contact, a LRRP team in close proximity, the slicks and gunships attempting the extraction and providing cover along with what sounds like a forward air observer.  There is a lot of background noise, static, rotor noise, minigun and rocket fire so you must listen carefully – I suggest you listen several times, don’t get frustrated during the first 30 seconds and if you were there, you will rapidly be transported back to your time in country.

This audio file has been donated by Dave Bristol, K Company/75th Infantry Rangers who was in country from 1969 to 1970.  He has provided the following information as to how he was able to secure this tape:

“I  was introduced to a chopper pilot  who helped me find some of the 4th Infantry Division pilots through the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association.   This led to some correspondence with 30 or so of the pilots and some trading of various  items of interest.  About 8 months later a  pilot, called and asked if I would like a tape of a K Company team in contact.  I said yes and in a few days I was listening to this recording.  I have lost the name of the pilot who sent this to me.  ( working on finding him)

I have been able to reconstruct a bit of the background information.  The recording was made by ” patching” a reel to reel recorder into the radio of a chopper.  “Patching” meant splicing  into the wire physically!   This was not a common practice, but apparently done often by this crew.   It is apparently as important to the air crews as it is to us.  I consider it a rare treasure.”