My War – David L. Bristol

Long Range Reconnaissance in the Highlands of Vietnam

David L. Bristol

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My War is the story of a young Army Ranger serving as a Long Range Recon Patrol team leader in the rugged Highlands of Vietnam. The author shares his journey from green recruit to battered combat veteran and into the years beyond. It is about the awful business of war and the good men who served with him. It is about healing and faith. It is written for those who were not there, but perhaps veterans will find it helpful as well. Dave is a retired educator who lives in the mountains of Colorado with his wife Janet. He has four children and four grand children.


“The cost in human suffering cannot be measured, and often cannot be seen by most people. Physical scars show the wounds to the body, but wounds to the soul and spirit are harder to see.” Dave bared his soul for all to see and did it with grace. This book is written from the heart, if you are a Vietnam veteran the book will jog your memory … Dave not only wrote this for his children but for all of our children. This book will also enlighten all who read it about life as a Vietnam LRRP both then and now.
Wayne Mitsch K Company 75th Infantry Rangers

I salute my fellow author and Ranger Brother David Bristol, for having captured in exciting, informative and accurate detail the requisite preparations, the precise actions and the raw emotions of a LRP/ Ranger Team Leader who fought in the unforgiving Jungles of Viet Nam. This is a must read for any aspiring soldier and for all Americans who want to learn about the heroics of these remarkable few warriors.
Gary Dolan Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee 2011 Author: Of Their Own Accord.