Inside the LRRPs – Michael Lee Lanning

by Michael Lee Lanning

Inside the LRRPs

This book cites a paper presented by General Peers to MACV concerning the effectiveness of his LRRP units … Bill Steffens

The LRRP–Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols–worked in small groups, hiding in enemy territory where they lay ambushes, seized prisoners and tapped communications. Here is their story–how they were trained, what equipment they used, and how they survived the devastation of Vietnam. Original.

From the Publisher
Vietnam was a different kind of war, calling for a different kind of soldier. The LRRPs–Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols–were that new breed of fighting man. They operated in six-man teams deep within enemy territory, and were the eyes and ears of the units they served. This is their story of perseverance under extreme hardship and uncommon bravery, and how they carried out the war’s most hazardous missions.

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