During an extraction one of the teams got ambushed and the track M113 took a direct hit by an RPG.
Wendell Grant, we went on a couple of patrols as LRRP's and when I became team leader of the Montagnard Cowboy-4-Juliet Grant wanted to go out with me. He did and we made heavy contact the second day and he decided he'd rather be on a LRRP team than in the jungle with a crazy guy like me. He lives outside Fort Rucker and I still tease him about those Montagnard missions and how to this day he thinks I'm still crazy.
Me (Bryant E Middleton) repelling into firebase Catecka. I know you can't tell it's me, but Captain Blanchard took the picture and gave it to me.
Sp/5 Larry Fritz and Sgt Jean Sejourne, at Firebase CateckaI pulled missions with both guys during my stand downs with the Montagnards. I took Larry on his first mission. Jean and I would do missions together when I was available, he was a sniper and always wanted me with him. We even would sneak into Pleiku and spend the night, was a bit hairy at times., both missions and at night in Pleike.
Picture of me on patrol near Dak To 1967 taking my daily ration of pills, but still got malaria.
Me (Bryant E. Middleton) at firebase Catecka, I had just returned from a mission in Kontum with my Montagnards and had captured four NVA sleeping near a trail around 0500 hours. I still have the SKS, pit helmet, and scarf from one of the NVA.
Picture of me and part of my Montagnard team Cowboy-4-Juliet at Firebase Catecka May 1967
Aerial view of Camp Enari, c. 1968
Picture of my brick and Phil Bruno's at Ranger Memorial. Phil and I were on the same LRRP team, he dies of Agent Orange about five years ago, so I bought his brick as I did Robert Lee Johnson, our first KIA.
Me as a Buck Sergeant just after Vietnam and headed to OCS to become a new Lieutenant.
Camp Rudder the Florida Ranger Camp 60th Reunion.
I returned to Vietnam in 92, 94, and 95 long before it became fashionable and a tourist center for vets. I returned by myself with the help of a few friends I worked with in Nam, no they were not military, but............it's good to have friends in "Low" places.
Picture I took at Son Tay where the raid into North Vietnam was to recover POW's. They moved the POW's a few hours before the raid took place.
Me (Bryant E. Middleton) Pleiku Vietnam 1992, I was arrested about an hour after this picture was taken and was questioned about being an American in the Central Highlands.
Me (Bryant E. Middleton) with a group of Montagnards in Pleiku 1992. My interpreter said I was the first American any of these people had seen since 1973.
Me and Mr. Koch having breakfast of mystery meat and rice somewhere near Ban Me Touy (sp) 1993. Mr. Koch was a South Vietnamese helicopter pilot trained at Fort Rucker Alabama. His primary job was inserting South Vietnamese Rangers into LZ's. He spent 15 years in a reeducation camp. He now lives in Pooler Georgia
Bryant E. Middleton standing in front of Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum after seeing his body and headed to lunch with General Giap.
The last picture looking towards Cambodia is near where the old Sin City was outside Camp Enari 1966-67, now there's nothing there. Me love you long time GI......yeah right.