Phantom Warriors – Gary A. Linderer

by Gary Linderer

Phantom Warriors

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This book is about the LRRP, LRP and Ranger teams in Vietnam. He relies on official records and therefore misses much of what we did in 1966 and early 1967. There is a chapter about our patrol that included Ron Bonert, Danny Harmon, Ron Coon and Jim Sommers.

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“This is a great book if you are looking for great action stories about the LRRP’s in Vietnam but if you are looking for personal experiences and the kind of book that gets you close to its characters this is not the best. Also recommended: ‘Six Silent Men’, ‘Apache Sunrise’,and ‘Fortune Favors the Bold.”

“A great read. A well-written and compelling book; close-up combat combined with compassion for the American soldier who was put in an impossible situation because of the lefties back home. Also recommended: Black Hawk Down.”