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 2nd brigade LRRP's,inc Torres, BarretoVC Fall into LRP's Claymore AmbushTop Recondo Grad NamedRangers Searching, Surprise NVA PointRangers Net Two NVARangers Harass_Check Enemy #1Rangers Harass_Check Enemy #2Rangers Even Odds with Help from FACRangers Blast NVARangers Attack NVARanger OJT Is Real ThingRanger Man with An Important GoalRanger Cool Costs EnemyPilots Corkscrew into LZMontagnard Scout Saves LRPLRRP Team DiscoversLRP Hooks Huge Catch with Ration #1LRRP Hooks FishLRPs Uncover NVA Bumkers ComplexLRP's Set Up CampFAC Spots LRP's PlightArmor Extracts Ranger TeamAcrobatic Rangers

Enari turned over to ARVNs Ivy article