The Three Musketeers - England, Me, Borneman (the heart of R-28)
Jim England holding an AK-47 and showing his Bronze Star for Valor.  I was a few steps behind and beside him as I watched him lunge forward in two long leaps and snatch the rifle right out of the hands of an NVA soldier.  We brought him back alive and he lived although he was badly wounded.
Recondo Grad List - Grads from K-75 in positions 5, 8 and 9 of about 60
Dean and Jim after a mission
Doss and Jones, Na Trang
England and Borneman
Me being decorated by the Division Commander, General Walker.  I am standing between Bartholemew and Parker (Barker?)
Ivy Leaf - Charles Weidner
Charles Weidner