Cpt. Reuben Siverling


Reuben Siverling

I want “The Salute” to be to every one of our Fearless, Courageous, and Loyal LRP’s, LRRP’s and K-75 Rangers. Of my cumulative 39 years military service including 9 years and 9 months enlisted service and two combat tours in Vietnam, I have never been associated with any finer than those twelve months of serving as CO of K Company, and many individual missions with each of the Brigade LRRP’s.

Rangers Lead The Way!

Cpt. Reuben Siverling

Together, tiger uniforms (borrowed or midnight requisitioning), scruffy beards, stinky feet, one shower a week (sometimes), warts and all, these men stood head and shoulders above all others. On our insertions, the chopper crews faces showed their concern-upon every extraction-their faces and comments showed their envy. Our four, five or six -man teams saved the lives of thousands of grunts who knew we were the eyes and ears of the entire Fighting Fourth Division.

Generals Pepkie, Duqumen, Stone and others attributed every major contact with the enemy to the effectiveness of our men’s sightings, accurate reporting and staying right face-to-face with the enemy until the Infantry, Artillery, Air Strikes and all Hell broke loose upon what they mistakenly considered their shelter from the storm. We have always given the enemy their finest opportunity to give their life for their country. Wow!! How can any man be more blessed or prouder than I! I have written this comment many times before individually and collectively: There is no way I can ever repay each one of you—so I’m asking God to .