David Flannery, K/75 Ranger, passed away May 16, 2006


October 6, 1949 – May 16, 2006

David was born as the Summer was ending in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, PA on October 6th, 1949.  His parents, John Vincent Flannery (1917-1980) and Catherine Theresa Lyons Flannery (1922-1993), had also been born in “The City of Brotherly Love” and remained in the area as lifelong residents.  They raised David and his six siblings during the 1950s when money wasn’t plentiful.   David grew up surrounded both in his life and at his passing by three brothers John, Dennis, and Eugene as well as three sisters, Margaret Flannery Erbele, Kathleen Flannery DiTanna, and Theresa Flannery.

Upon enlisting in the US Army on March 4, 1969, this 20 year old man found himself headed for the dangerous jungles of Vietnam.  David volunteered for the LRRP / Rangers in their newly re-designated unit, K Co., 75th (Ranger) Infantry, attached to the 4th Infantry Division in the big, bad, Central Highlands of Vietnam.  Dave served in all capacities during his time as a Ranger, serving as Team Leader or ATL, on several missions.   His courage under fire earned him two Bronze Stars, three Purple Hearts, a Combat Infantryman’s Badge and many other awards and decorations.  Dave was well suited for leading a Ranger team, after all, it was just another family and he had been taught his entire life how important it was for each member of the family to keep the others safe.  One needs to look no further than the de-classified After-Action Report dated March 7, 1970 for K Co., 75th Ranger Team Romeo-33 led by SP4 Flannery.  His calm courage and fierce warrior efficiency were apparent that day while dealing with hostile forces.  The team encountered a numerically superior enemy and rather than get “flustered”, Dave had his team set up an impromptu ambush and drew them in.  Instead of taking the first opportunity to “spring” the ambush, Dave waited until they drew close enough to ensure their effective and assured elimination.  Dave and his ATL Azlien accounted for the first two enemy casualties while gunships of D Troop, 1/10 Cav pursued their fleeing comrades.  The team was extracted without any friendly casualties.  It might well have been a day of jubilation for the NVA when Dave left the jungles of Kontum Province and returned home to be discharged October 5, 1970.

David and Linda Flannery

Dave married Linda S. Weaver Flannery on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1976.  It was a marriage fittingly begun on the holiday celebrated by those in love and was to endure throughout their lives.  Dave and Linda were fortunate to be blessed with two sons, Evan Flannery and Patrick Flannery.

David, a talented jewelry designer, was President of Keystone Findings, Inc., a jewelry business begun in 1984, that was to thrive under his leadership.  By the time his health mandated his retirement in 1994, the business was grossing over 8 Million per year and employed 75 of his fellow Pennsylvanians.  It would seem that not only was he a warrior in the jungles of Vietnam, but he likely struck fear in his adversaries in the business world.  You can take the Ranger out of the jungle, but ……… 

David Ambrose Flannery succumbed to his illness at the age of 56 on May 16, 2006 in Red Hill, his home in his beloved State of Pennsylvania.

Despite his medical problems, Dave found the time and energy to be a faithful benefactor of the St. Labre Indian School in South Dakota.  St. Labre Indian School Educational Association provides quality education and outreach services to Native American youth and their families.  Dave was a life member of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association and will remain honored eternally, just as his service and commitment honored those Rangers who came before him.