Deceased LRRP/Ranger Brothers (non-combat) with No Taps Pages

Our records indicate that there are 44 LRRP/Rangers from our unit who died after their service, but we do not currently have enough information to create a “Taps” page for them.  We would like to honor and remember all of our brothers.  If you have any information like an Obituary, picture or something that you could add that might be helpful, please contact us at

Barry, Thomas

Beard, Joey

Beckett, John

Bradshaw, Kenneth

Brannon, Joseph

Bray, James

Carney, Aron

Caldwell, George

Curry, Raymond

Day, Phillip

Dennis, Anthony

England, James

Estes, Marshall

Estill, Billy

Flaherty, Kevin

Flannery, David

Hasselfeld, Ernest

Hawthorne, Camet

Hooker, Eric “Rick”

Kapellas, Richard

Keller, Richard

Klinger, Edward

Lewis, Larry

Lingle, Danny

Loren, Nelson

Meachem, Phil

Mele, Jerry

Mullinax, Oscar

Nelson, Loren

Nelson, Ronald

Omelianoff, Michael

Ottinger, Boyce

Owens, Richard

Reiley, Mike

Richards, Carroll

Rowland, John

Shea, Michael

Smith, Walter

Taylor, Robert

Volkov, Vassili

Wade, Terry

Walter, Earl

Webb, Don

Wray, Lewis