Doss, Luther “Jim”, K/75 Ranger, KIA Apr 30, 1970

Luther James Doss Jr.

SSGT – U.S. Army
4th Infantry Division —   Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry
09 February 1948 – 30 April 1970
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Panel 11W, Line 72


Service:               Army (Selective Service)

Grade at loss:   E6

Rank:                     Staff Sergeant

ID No:                   217523009

MOS:                       11F4P

Len Svc:               1 to 2 years

Unit:                     Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry


Start Tour:         09/03/1969

Cas Date:             04/30/1970

Age at Loss:       21

Remains:               Body recovered

Location:             Binh Dinh, South Vietnam

Type:                     Hostile, ground casualty

Reason:                 Gun, small arms fire


Meadow Ridge Memorial Park, Elkridge, Maryland

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On Memorial Day 5/26/13


My dearest Jim

It is Memorial Day and my thoughts again return to you and the sacrifice you and many others made for our country. We put up the flag and while others celebrate with fun and games, this day is a day of reflection. Reflection of a life cut short, a child raised without a father, a wife lost and scared. David and I have continued to live and go on but a hole will always remain in our hearts. We want you to know you will never be forgotten you will always be missed and most of all you will always be loved.

Love, Bobby


Barbara, 2/10/13

Happy Birthday Jim

My dear Jim,

Happy Birthday! Yesterday you would have been 65 years old. You will always be 22 to me. David and I shared memories to celebrate the day. It doesn’t matter how many years go by, or what is happening in my life, you will always be in my heart and I will always love you. Our grandchildren are growing and are very special. I know you look down and bless us all. So know we love you and will one day be together again, until then this will have to do.

Love, Bobby


Steve DePorter,  6/18/06

Ranger Jim

We served together and it does seem like a very long time since we departed soon after I was hit in 1970. I remember Jimmy to be a very brave and courageous Ranger but I didn’t know his name was Luther. Jimmy and I, as most of the Rangers in his same unit, had the same outlook on the war and whoever went to the field with him always had a feeling of safety because “Jimmy was always on patrol”. Sua Sponte Jimmy.

His Son Writes

To my father and his friends

Luther James Doss or Jim Doss was my father. I am now 8 years older than he was when he was killed and am a father myself. I am his only son and would like to learn all I can about the man I never knew. I would like to hear from anyone who served with him in the 75th Rangers or that knew him personally. I may be contacted at 410-360-9732 or email at To my father, I have always been told how much you loved me as a child. I was too young to remember you though I have tried to reach back into the early recesses of my memory to find at least a glimpse of you. I have seen all the pictures of you and me. I am certain that I was loved as much as I have been told. You left me a legacy of honor to which I am deeply bound. I have a love for my country which only a child who has lost their father in the struggle for freedom can understand. My ideals and dreams you have shaped in whom you were before you died. I have held the hands of your parents as they have gone to rest with you. I have tried to live up to what I thought you would have me be and perhaps you would be proud. I hope you would be proud of the man I have become as well as what I have accomplished in your absense. I have tried to finish the things that you began. There are three college degrees in the field of study that you had chosen to pursue and the last of which adds Ph.D to follow the last name which you have given me. Perhaps the most important things in my life are the little girl I now hold in my arms and the beautiful wife with whom God has blessed me. I now know the love that you have for me and in becoming a father I have acquired a need to know you better. I have always loved, honored and respected you and I always will.


His Son Asks –
My name is David Doss. My father Luther (or “Jim”) Doss served in the K/75 rangers from October 1969 to April 30th 1970 when he was killed in action. I am trying to find out all the information I can about him. I would like very much to find some of the men who served with him in Vietnam. I was only 2 when he was killed so I have no memories of him. I recently became a father myself. The birth of my daughter has caused me to want to learn more about my father and specifically about his time in Vietnam. I have several photo albums with pictures over there and I would be happy to share the picures I have. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. My email is and my phone numbers are 410-716-3780 (Work) and 410-360-9732 (Home). Thanks for Your Help!

Dave   Bristol
Served in the same company
15397 Red Mtn. Lane Collbran Colorado 81624 United States
A good soldier
I listened to the contact in which Jim Doss was killed, and I will never forget that event. We were just extracted from a mission and were listening on the radio. Sgt Doss was a very well respected leader, a brave man and a very good LRRP/ Ranger. His family has made contact with men of the LRRPs and K company Rangers who served with him. He has a brick at the Ranger Memorial at Ft. Benning as do all of the units KIA. I believe that there may have been other posts here that are no longer available, but trust that Jim Doss is not forgotten, nor are the 52 other men who died in these units.
Oct 22, 2014

Jim   Sharpe
Fraternity Brother
2053 Markridge Loop The Villages Fl 32162 USA
Jim You Are Not Forgotten
Jim, I fondly remember our days in Phi Alpha Chi Fraternity at Va Tech. You always impressed me as a brother of strong character , always willing to help a friend or fraternity brother. It does not surprise me in the least that you volunteered for hazardous duty in support of your ‘brothers.’ in fact, after knowing you, i would count on it. Jim, it makes me very sad that your life was cut so short. All I can say is, Thank You for your love and loyalty to our Country and your ‘brothers’. You are with all our other heroes. Jim, you are NOT FORGOTTEN Jim Sharpe, Fraternity Brother
Jan 8, 2014

John Smith
Sgt., Doss, was a Ranger who served, on a Long, Range, Recon., Patrol team. He served with La Roy Roth, Charles Willard and Mike Lyne, who were KIA., on a patrol, 1-7-70. Sgt., Doss could have taken, a non-combat job, after this, but refused, choosing, to continue Long, Range Patrol. He was, a real American hero, who, as an LRP., team leader, saved many, American lives, by reporting enemy, troop movements, while on patrol, behind their lines and calling in, artillery and air power to destroy, enemy units. I’am surprised, that no one, has entered any information, about this hero, on this sight, up until now. Sgt., Doss, you, are not forgotten!
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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