Frank Camper – New Book

Note from Mike Lapolla: Frank Camper was one of our original volunteers for the Second Brigade LRRPs of the Fourth Division. He is an excellent researcher and writer.  He has published a book about the founding and development our LRRP unit. The Book is titled:  LRRP  (Provisional) 2nd Bde 4th Inf Div VIETNAM.  Images of the front/back covers are attached.

He has successfully placed our experiences in historical context of the development of the Vietnam LRRP.  He has wrapped the book around his personal Vietnam experiences.  I have read the book and it is excellent.  Everything in the book of which I was aware is true and in context.  How he collected all this information is a mystery of which we all should be grateful.

Our unit was not a TO&E unit and therefore no one ever really knew what we were doing – except us.  And many of us have forgotten! This book establishes and fixes our record.  Good for Frank. 

This book needs a place on our website and our LRRPs need to know that it is available from Amazon. Every LRRP will be able to relate to Frank’s experiences, and the book will bring back many memories.

Link To Amazon