Frank Humes, 1st Bde LRRP, KIA Jul 7, 1969

Frank Humes


From “Never Forgotten” by Mike Lapolla ( –

Born Dec. 05–1948 Magnolia New Jersey, Died July 07-1969 Pleiku Province R.V.N.
Frank Humes was a LRRP in the 1st. Bde. He was also a trained sniper Larry Flanagan, James Zwiebel and Frank Humes were a LRRP team who conducted missions from the hills of Dak To to the rugged jungle of the Plai Trap Valley.

Frank was a special kind of person, on a LRRP mission he was as good as anyone in the unit, but away from the jungle he was a kind, friendly, warm hearted person who touched everyone who met him. We nicknamed him [ pig pen ] after the Charlie Brown character because he always looked like he rolled in that endless red dirt. The picture of him here was his favorite, he asked me for it so that he could send it to his mother. I said no at the time, and have forever wished I said yes. I loved him like a brother and have missed him every day since. I am sure that Jim feels the same way to. Larry Flanagan