Frank William Humes, 1st Bde LRRP, KIA Jul 8, 1969

Frank William Humes

CPL – U.S. Army
4th Inf Division, 1st Bde LRRP – Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry
05 December 1948 – 08 July 1969
Magnolia, New Jersey
Panel 21W – Line 83

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Humes zwiebel pic
Frank Humes and James Zwiebel —   Black Hawk 1969


Service:               Army (Selective Service)

Grade at loss:   E3

Rank:                     Private First Class

ID Number:           150385122

MOS:                       11B10: Infantryman

Len Svc:               1 year

Unit:                     4 INF DIV, 1st BDE LRRP, K/75 REGIMENT


Start Tour:         11/02/1968

Cas Date:             07/08/1969

Age at Loss:       20

Remains:               Body recovered

Location:             Pleiku Province, South Vietnam

Type:                     Hostile, died of wounds, ground casualty

Reason:                Gun, small arms fire


Silver Star, Bronze Star (2x), Purple Heart (2x), Combat Infantryman

Badge, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal



Lawncrest Cemetery,Cherry Hill, New Jersey


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Frank W. Humes was born on December 5, 1948, to Else and William R. Humes, Jr. His home of record is Magnolia, NJ. Frank was the oldest of 4 children. He had three brothers, William, Gary and John. Frank attended Sterling High School.

In November 1968, Humes was drafted into the US Army. He was sent to Ft Dix, NJ, for Basic Training and then to Ft. Polk, LA, for Advanced Infantry Training and Jungle School. Upon graduation, he was shipped to Vietnam and was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division. He attained the rank of Corporal (CPL).

Humes married his sweetheart, Linda, while awaiting orders to Vietnam. The couple moved to Lindenwold, NJ, and had only been married nine months.

After several months as a “grunt”, he was accepted to the newly formed 4th Infantry LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol), 75th Rangers, K Company. Upon graduation from his Ranger School in the Republic of Vietnam, he was sent to sniper school. Humes was then assigned to a three-man Ranger team.

On July 8, 1969, Humes went out on a three-man LRRP mission in the Northern Highlands of Vietnam. The team was inserted into the jungle by Huey chopper via rope ladders. Inadvertently they were inserted into an area where there was a battalion of North Vietnamese soldiers on patrol and they immediately came under intense small arms fire. Extraction and reinforcements were requested, and during that period my brother was shot in the head. Upon extraction, he was transported to an Army field hospital where he died several hours later. The details of this mission were recounted by one of the men on the Ranger team, Larry Flanigan.

Humes is buried in Lawncrest Cemetery in Cherry Hill, NJ.

He received numerous awards and decorations including the Silver Star, two Bronze Star Medals, and two Purple Hearts.

Information provided by William Humes (brother) and NJVVMF.


From   Never Forgotten  by Mike Lapolla (


Born Dec. 05 1948 Magnolia New Jersey, Died July 07-1969 Pleiku Province R.V.N.
Frank Humes  was a LRRP in the 1st. Bde. He was also a trained sniper Larry Flanagan, James Zwiebel and Frank Humes were a LRRP team who conducted missions from the hills of Dak To to the rugged jungle of the Plai Trap Valley.

Frank was a special kind of person, on a LRRP mission he was as good as anyone in the unit, but away from the jungle he was a kind, friendly, warm hearted person who touched everyone who met him. We nicknamed him [ pig pen ] after the Charlie Brown character because he always looked like he rolled in that endless red dirt. The picture of him here was his favorite, he asked me for it so that he could send it to his mother. I said no at the time, and have forever wished I said yes. I loved him like a brother and have missed him every day since. I am sure that Jim feels the same way to.    Larry Flanagan



3258, Cottman Avenue, 2nd, Floor, Philadelphia, PA., 19149, USA



Frank was, the oldest brother, to Gary, me and John. We were all born, two, years apart, so I was only 16, when he was, Killed in Action. The family, never fully recovered, from his loss. Our Mother, Ilsa, faithfully tended, to his final resting place, until she

passed, in 1998, and Dad, well Dad never, was the same. Being the oldest, he always had to blaze the trail, for his younger brothers to follow. If we got in trouble, in the neighborhood, Frank made sure, it was, taken care of. The short time he was with us, will always be, remembered. He, was our HERO. In December, 1969, he was awarded the Silver Star, 2, Bronze, Star Medals and 2, Purple Hearts. Frank, we will never, forget you.

Thursday, September 28, 2000


William Humes


Frank, I met your LRRP., teammates

Frank….I took my family, to a reunion in Ohio, for the 75th, Ranger, K, Company. I met your teammates, Larry and Jim, and alot of others, who knew you. I learned so very much, about you and how very courageous, you and your fellow LRRP’s, were. They made me feel, like one, of them. You, would be proud, to know, that after all this time, your memory is, with so many people, who knew you and loved you. Only me and John, are left, Mom, Dad and Gary, are gone now. We, still remember you, everyday.

Apr 9, 2007


Larry Flanagan

304, Lynn Rd., Brockton, Ma., 02403

Teammates, on a LRRP., team, 1st., Bde., 4th, Inf., Div.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

Mike Burgoon

Previous Hometown Admirer

Haddon Township, NJ.

I lived, in Magnolia, NJ., from 1964-1974. I did not know you, or recall hearing, of your death in July, 1969. I was 14, at the time. On this Veterans’ Day, 2003, 34, years & 4, months later, I would like to say, THANK YOU!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Gina Humes

708, Forrest Dr., Atco, NJ., 08004.


We miss you!

Uncle Frank, even though i, have never met you neither, you still have, that special place in my heart. i heard, so many great things, about you. we love and miss you. If anyone has any information, on my uncle, please email, them to me. i would love, to hear from you. May you, lay at rest with your brother, (My dad) and ur parents. we love and miss you.:'(

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Corey Humes   –   Nephew – Sunday, July 21, 2002

4733, Oakland Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19124, USA.


Frank Humes, is my uncle, who, I never met. I have recently been looking, for images and information regarding, to my uncle. I found his name, in this memorial and if you have, any further information regarding my uncle, please, e-mail me.