Julian Terrell (JT) Plant, 2nd Bde LRRP and K/75 Ranger, passed away February 27, 1988


6 August 1947 – 27 February 1988

Julian was born in Andalusia, Alabama to loving parents William Alcus Plant (1911-1991) and Sarah Kathleen Plant (1918-1981).  Terry was raised in God-fearing Baptist manner one would expect when your grandfather was the local Baptist Minister.  Next to the Lord, service to one’s country was nurtured from an early age.  Like his father, who was drafted into WWII, JT was drafted and reported on May 3, 1968.  Terry apparently decided if he was going to serve, he was going to accomplish as much as possible with that time.  He volunteered and reported to the 2nd Bde LRPs of the 4th Infantry Division and became a patrolling Ranger.  He served during that period of transition and also patrolled with K Co., 75th Rangers.  Those who served with Terry remember first the Bowie knife that he carried.  The more we teased him about the size, the more adamant he became about it’s need.  He was a good man, a fierce warrior and one you could clearly count on if things went “South”.  As a team member he was the consummate team player, never shirking duty or giving cause for worry.  As a team leader he instilled a sense of loyalty and courage that easily became the norm for the team.  When you went out with JT, you always knew you would accomplish your mission and likely come home safe.  Terry served honorably and faithfully receiving various awards and decorations including the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.  He was discharged March 26, 1970.

JT, like so many others, did not have the same level of success or admiration upon returning home as his Ranger family afforded him.  Perhaps realizing his existence was no longer governed by the knowledge that you could count on those around you and all they asked in return is that they be able to count on you.  Whatever the reason, Terry had difficulties adjusting to civilian life.  He sought comfort from booze and substances that kept the JT we all knew hidden.

The very bright spot to his civilian life was his beautiful daughter Tara (Plant) King and his new grandson.

On February 27, 1988, at the age of 40, Julian Terrell Plant died as the result of a motor vehicle accident in which a tractor trailer collided with his car at an intersection on US 84 in River Falls, Alabama.

Terry was laid to rest in Stone Lake Gardens Cemetery in Andalusia, Alabama.  If there were any justice in this world, his headstone would be in the shape of a gigantic knife.  Rest in Peace Ranger Plant.