Keith Naccarato, 2nd Bde LRRP, passed away June 3, 2018


February 11, 1948 – June 3, 2018

Keith Naccarato, Kontum 1968


He was born Feb. 11, 1948, to father Frank T. Naccarato (1920-1989), and mother Lucile Helen LeBert Naccarato (1921-2010) at Newport Community Hospital in Newport, WA. Keith joined two older brothers, Jerry Naccarato and Lee Naccarato at the family home in Priest River, ID. Ray Naccarato, Rita Naccarato, Jyll Naccarato, Curt Naccarato and Lori Naccarato came after. Keith lived his entire childhood in Priest River with his 7 siblings and attended school in Priest River until High School Graduation in 1966. It was in High School where Keith met his lifelong friends, John Low, Ernie Belwood, Terry Bombino, and Delbert Linton. These five were inseparable and they formed a bond that could not be broken and has lasted their entire lives.

Keith graduated from high school in June 1966 and was drafted into the United States Army on Feb. 15, 1967. He spent 10 months in training in Fort Carson, Colo., and St. Louis, Mo., before being deployed to the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

During his service in Vietnam, Keith volunteered as a LRRP / Ranger with the elite 2nd Bde. LRRPs of the 4th Infantry Division. The unit was later re-designated as K Co., 75th (Ranger) Infantry.  It was an assignment that was strictly voluntary, and deemed one of the most hazardous in Vietnam.  Larry served on several different Ranger Teams, distinguishing himself on each one.  He is remembered as a courageous warrior who rather than sit on the sidelines, chose to get in the fight.   He is remembered by his brother Rangers as a fierce warrior that would engage the enemy without hesitation. On one notable mission, while a fellow team member momentarily hesitated, Keith eliminated the threat.   Keith knew that men facing the enemy who battle with their conscience were a danger to the rest of the team.  As a member of a four-man team alone in the dense jungle, the luxury of pausing to assess the intentions of your enemy was not possible.   Keith kept in touch with many former team members and attended several reunions throughout the years.  He was proud to have been given the opportunity to serve.  Among numerous awards and decorations, he was awarded the coveted Combat Infantryman’s Badge earned only by Infantrymen who have engaged in hostile combat. Keith was honorably discharged on Dec. 17, 1968 and returned home to Priest River, ID. He then moved to Spokane, WA., and began working for the heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar.


In the late-’70s, Keith moved to Chattory, WA., to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a cowboy. His mother told numerous stories about Keith, as a child, wearing out the arms of her sofa while riding them like a horse, while he was watching westerns on TV. In the early ’80s, Keith retired from Caterpillar and went to college in Montana to become a farrier (blacksmith).

In May of 1976 Keith married the lovely Heather J Chamberlain Naccarato
On April 23, 1985, Keith’s son Antonio (T.C.) was born. The two became inseparable. Keith passed on his love of horses to T.C. and T.C. began competing in rodeos at age 3. Keith was with him at every competition and then Keith began team roping. Over the years the two of them have brought home hundreds of belt buckles, saddles and cash prizes. The two had already paid their entry fees to team rope together at World Series Team Roping in Las Vegas, Nev., in December of this year. Keith was very proud of this.
Heather and Keith separated for good with their divorce in March of 2000.  The one thing they never stopped sharing was their love of their son T.C.

On Feb. 21, 2006, Keith’s granddaughter, Jolena was born. Keith and T.C. passed on the love of horses and rodeoing to Jolena. She has been competing since she was 3 years old and has won many barrel races and is now beginning to team rope. It looks like she will be following in her dad’s and grandpa’s footsteps.

Keith Francis Naccarato died on June 3, 2018 at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, WA.  Keith’s funeral was held on July 7, 2018, at the old school house at the Italian Settlement, in Priest River.  His final A.O. is in Evergreen Cemetery, Benton City, WA.