Steve Hathaway, LRRP, KIA Jun 23, 1969

Steve Hathaway


From Never Forgotten by Mike Lapolla (

Steve Hathaway was killed shortly after being inserted on 23 June 1969. His team and mine were both being inserted at the same time. Hathaway’s team was inserted first and then my team. We were barely on the ground when the helicopters had to get back to help Hathaway’s team. Hathaway was killed and the other three were wounded. One of my later missions was to go into the same place Hathaway was killed. We did find spider holes dug all around the landing zone, but I do know they got on the ground without incident. This incident is featured in my story “Insertion Gone Bad”. Attached is a picture from the 4th Division newspaper taken a few days before he was killed. Warren Gallion