William Scott Estill, K/75 Ranger, passed away February 8, 2001


23 October 1948 – 8 February 2001

Bill Estill – 1967

Bill was born to Lester D. Estill (1920-2013) and Eva Lois Simmons Estill (1920-2013) on October 23, 1948 in on May 31, 1947 in King City, Missouri.  Bill’s father Lester served in the US Army in WWII encoding and decoding messages that directed fighter planes in New Guinea and the Philippines.  Bill was raised on the family farm and learned the perseverance, values and honor that were to serve him well when called upon to serve his country.  Bill had two sisters: Wanda Estill Ingerson of St. Joseph, and Leslie Sue Estill Wallace of Boise, Idaho.

Bill shared his father’s love of country and sense of duty so when called, joined the Army on June 27, 1968.  Upon arriving in Viet Nam, he volunteered for assignment to Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne) where he distinguished himself first as a team member in the later part of 1969 before rising to the rank of Sgt. and team leader in early 1970.  Upon his return from Viet Nam, he was honorably discharged on May 3, 1970 having earned his Combat Infantryman’s Badge as well as other awards and decorations for his service and more importantly, the respect of his fellow Rangers.

Bill died on February 8, 2001 in St. Joseph, Missouri at the age of 52.  He is buried in the King City Cemetery alongside his parents Lester and Eva.  Bill never married and had no children yet leaves many nieces and nephews whose uncle we honor.

Members of K Co., 75th (Ranger) Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, who served with Bill, regard him as a warrior, hold him in the highest regard, and consider it an honor to have fought alongside this Brother Ranger.