Never Forgotten – July

On Memorial Day of 2016, we completed a project to create a page for each of the 61 men who gave their lives during the Vietnam War as 4th Division LRRPs and K/75 Rangers.

In July, we lost 7 of our brothers.  Please take a few moments to look up their pages and, if you would like to share some memory or story, please feel free to do so on our Facebook page.

(click on name to read their page)\

Albrecht, Adolph                 7/11/1968

Belonger, Denny                 7/19/1969

Humes, Frank                     7/8/1969

Santiago, Felipe                 7/3/1969

Santiago-Arroyo, Anselmo  7/21/1969

Thibodeau, Wallate “Rat”    7/19/1969

Thompson, Bill                    7/12/1968